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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  September 6, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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>> you are watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high- definition. >> good afternoon everyone i am frank mallicoat >> i am michele griego, from fellow officers to complete strangers, mourners coming
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together to honor the fallen california highway patrolman. the 37 year-old father of four died last might one day after being shot in the head during a traffic stop in alamo, he was based out of the chp office in martinez and ann mackovic is there with the very latest. >> it is such a tough day here. you can see that this memorial near the front door of the headquarters here behind me has been growing by the hour. you can see flowers, flags, and cards, also counselors on the scene to help the officers, the dispatchers, everyone, dealing with loss of one of their own. >> it hurts, and it hurts all of us. >> all day people have been stopping by the chp officer in martina's to honor the 37 year- old officer who died last night after being shot in head during a traffic stop on 680 tuesday morning. among the mourners, emergency responders from all over the
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region. >> i was at the fire station listening to the call command, you could hear the anxiety, and kind of the level of how critical it was, you knew that it was a bad call and you knew that someone was hurt. >> he spent the next day and have one life support. >> it is my sad duty to share with you that the officer has been taken off of life-support. >> that announcement came at a large vigil in fairfield last night near the neighborhood where he had lived with his wife and four children. today at the office where he was based, the flag flies at half staff, many that came here today learn about what happened on the news. >> i know the guy, i know that guy, i cried, >> he had met him a couple of years ago, >> i recognize all the cops that pulled me over. >> as a recovering alcoholic he is thankful. >> cops rescue me, they don't arrest me. >> others just came to respect.
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>> for all those scaups, and for the whole community, the loss is deeply felt. >> it is all one unit and we are all one family, if one is hurting, everyone is hurting. >> and they are planning a large-scale memorial, the chp is working on that right now, thousands of people will be expected from all over the state and they are also planning a bell ringing ceremony that will go on tonight at 5:00 in sacramento where the chp officers are trained. >> cow thankyou. an investigation continues into why the suspect opened fire on that officer tuesday, before being killed by his partner. the 36 year-old christopher lacey was a native of oregon and got a master's degree in computer science from san fransisco state university. family members say that he was very bright and friends say that
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he never talked about guns, neighbors described him as a loner that seemed friendly but withdrawn. an army of officers raided his home on tuesday night, they took inside computers, computers, and inside of his jeep they found a loaded semi- automatic handgun and to look magazines and a hunting knife. >> major delays on 101 in redwood city after a set of table wines fell across the freeway. chp stops southbound traffic for about 30 minutes until pg&e's verified that there were no power lines involved, the roadway reopened about an hour ago. search and rescue teams looking for a young man from lafayette had disappeared from banks of the sacramento river. at the 20 year-old was last seen at beer can beach near chico on sunday, his parents have been handing out fliers about his disappearance and a friend has been publicizing the case on social media. crews continued to comb the brushy areas.
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>> highway 70 in the santa cruz mountains, completely open again hours after a nitrogen tanker accidentally sparked a fire nearby, a highway was initially closed in both directions early this morning after the accident happened near summit road last night and ignited a grass fire. and police think that a man that got himself stuck between two buildings at a san jose shopping center overnight was fleeing a hit and run crash. they say that he scaled a hardware store and tried to jump the gap to the next building and this. he fell 20 ft. inside of that gap and it took 18 firefighters to hoist them out of there. the man later said that he only called 9 1 1 because his pregnant wife refused to come out and help them. bay area's biggest latino grocery chain is facing boycott threats over new hiring practices. >> cate caugurian explains the application process now includes and immigration check. >> the justice for workers
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campaign call this an insult and a trail to the bay area community, the group rallied in front of this grocery store. >> believe that this system is flawed, and has a lot liches, and basically it is anti- immigration. >> and internet based program compares employee's documents and information with records from federal agencies. he says that this move could mean immigrants will be denied jobs because they won't have the proper paperwork. >> why are you abusing workers that have made you be so prominent in the area? kid makes no sense .. especially when it comes to this, it is not voluntary. >> represented say the move will only affect future employees and they understand the communities concerned. >> we recognize that this is not a perfect program, it has many flaws and we agree with that. at the recommendation of the federal government, we are implementing it.
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>> saying it was a difficult decision but one that needed to be made. >> we need to call the law, and this is something that employers, and investors looked at, the viability of the management of the staff, this is an important step that we're going to have to take moving forward. >> the plan on expanding across the country but moving forward for this pro labor group, they say that they're planning a boycott against them, in san jose, cate caugurian, cbs 5. >> tonight the president makes his case about what he has achieved and what he will do if reelected, randall pinkston is here with the high stakes for his prime-time address at the democratic national convention. >> president obama returns to the democratic national convention stage tonight to accept his party's nomination for a second term in the white house. he made a surprise appearance last night, putting bill clinton after the former president carousing endorsement. >> i want to nominate a man who is cool on the outside.
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but who burns for america on the inside. >> tonight president obama will present his plans for the next four years. former governor and democratic chairman ed rendell expects the president to talk specifics. >> a president needs to lay out details in contrast to what governor romney did, sketching out a broad vision without any details. >> the chance of severe weather forced convention organizers to move is expected speech from a large outdoor stadium to this indoor arena. but democrats say the smaller than you will not take away from the president's message. clinton's speech took direct aim at the republican charge that president obama has failed to fix the economy. >> no one could have fully repaired all the damage that he found in just four years. >> bill clinton will be a tough act to follow but delegates expect the president to deliver.
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>> take the gloves off, apologize for the contributions that he has made to this country in the past four years. >> vice president joe biden will also deliver his acceptance speech tonight and first lady michelle obama will introduce the president. randall pinkston, cbs news, charlotte. >> we will have continuing coverage of the democratic national convention on line at including live streaming video plus twitter and photographs from reporters in charlotte, right on >> today's jefferson award winner help students make their college streams come true. >> potential campaign plans for gavin newsom? next, the one racy is not talking about. >> and already a live look at the festivities, still to come, the annual bell ringing contest making some noise in san fransisco. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> lt. gov. gavin newsom is saying for the first time that he will run for governor in 2014 if jerry brown does not seek reelection. he told the los angeles times that of jerry brown declines " i had every intention of running ". otherwise he will support jerry brown, he will not talk about a u.s. senate run saying that his background is better suited to the governor's office. >> it is been a good day for stocks on wall street in a big way, let's take a look at the big board to see how the dow was doing today, up 212 points, this follows news that the european central bank has a new plan to halt the continent's financial crisis including a pledge to buy
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>> it doesn't happen much but we had a little lightning show overnight? >> this morning we had lightning strikes going on for the early show, somewhat unusual but those lightning strikes are kind of dangerous, and some places, in sacramento is hit a tree outside of one of the stations there, blowing that apart pretty well as it traveled down the tree. that is one place that you do not want to be nearby, is a tree or any tall object. that is where the lightning travels right through the tree and you could be electrocuted. right now it is quieting down outside, starting out with thunderstorms early on but now just some of those clouds parting and a lot of sunshine out over the day with temperatures warming up, 70 degrees in concord and 73 in livermore and 73 degrees in san jose with a cool 61 in san
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fransisco, some of the monsoon clouds still traveling over the east bay and also into the central valley, the threat of showers looks like it is coming to an end, spreading further east and to the south. in the bay more low clouds and fog but the weekend is looking good with more sunshine on the way. moister starting to attract further to the east. still a slight chance you could see some pop-up showers in the south bay but drier weather is coming and warmer temperatures as it looks like we're setting sail with a great weekend ahead as high pressure will start to build in. temperatures, 77 degrees in san jose and 75 in palo alto and 63 pacifica with east bay numbers up in the '80s and some seventies in the delta. and as you make your way inside of the bay, 69 in oakland and 63 in san fransisco and 75 degrees in santa rosa. looking out over the next couple days, high-pressure nudging its way back in here, then we'll start to cool things down just a little bit as we head into sunday and also into monday.
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roberta gonzales is out today, running around in the san fransisco. they're ringing the bell out there for a special treat? >> i'm loving lawrence karnow and his weather because it is absolutely gorgeous for the 49th annual cable car bell ringing contest. a little bit loud out here, as you can imagine there are lots of people gathering at year end it is such a treat for the tourist in san fransisco today. this is the director of transportation, tell us what is gone on out here this fine afternoon? >> this is the 49th annual cable car bell ringing competition. a tradition of almost half a century you're in san fransisco, it really honors the san fransisco cable cars, they are nearly 150 years old. >> this is what makes it so unique, where else in america can you have a cable car bell ringing competition? >> it is really only in san fransisco, the wisdom of the people in san fransisco to save the cable cars, there used to be
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a lot more lines. it would run every day and were a great draw for tourists but they actually bring regular san fransiscans back to work every day. >> we have a lot of supervisors and very important people doing speeches because we're also celebrating another anniversary today. >> that is right, this is the 100th year of immune system, it was the first public transportation system in the united states starting in 1912, great foresight by the people and the leadership of san fransisco to establish public transportation here. >> can you give us a quick little jingle before the next beach comes on? space shuttle ♪ >> 7 competitors today and will try to take out the reigning champion of the fortnight annual cable car competition, coming up at 5:00 and 6:00 we had to livermore, wine country, we will be talking about the rain yesterday and if it affected the harvest. >> we hear that you are a judge,
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what you're looking for in the winter? >> a great wrist. it is all in the rest. >> thank you. an east bay woman is changing the way students see themselves and breaking stereotypes in the process, as kate kelly reports, this week's jefferson award winner is helping make college dreams come true. >> when i walk into a room, the word " scientist " is not close to mind when people see me. >> she is used to surprising people, she has a ph.d. in neuroscience from uc-berkeley, something she could not have imagined growing up in richmond after she and her family moved there from mexico when she was 6. >> i remember getting to richmond, and there were no trees. no one looked like me. i cannot speak the language. >> but she could understand numbers and did well in high school but thought that college was not an option. >> i was kind of like " we
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cannot afford it " a. and that we're not really into going to college, we need to get jobs. >> she became a mother at 18 and thought that college was forever out of reach until she found a unique education support program. the program is cops spanish for " goals ". it serves more than 100 students. >> i would certainly not have gone on to college without this program. i can say that with certainty. >> the volunteers tudor junior high and high school students, contra costa college donates the space and sponsors special classes and workshops. there is a parent support group and a sense of community that drew her back even after she graduated. >> for the last 11 years, she has volunteered as director. running the very program that she says changed her life. >> one of my students just got admitted to uc-berkeley in the
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astrophysics department, we have another student doing engineering at uc-berkeley. we have biochemists, we have premed students. and, business executives. >> in fact, she says 95 percent of the kids in the program go on to college. like mr. been had just graduated from a writing program in switzerland. he is now back home and volunteering. >> if it was not for her, she is the reason i went this far. >> this feeling that you can create something different for yourself? that is what drives me. >> so for helping some many young people create their own path to academic and personal success, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to myra. kate kelly, cbs 5. >> if you know a student who would benefit from this program does check it out using the link on line at,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> the show starts with rice and add scallions, onion, and leaks. >> a lot of leaks, because that
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gives the sweetness. >> parsley, mint, and dill, she got them all with scissors. >> because you do not peruse them. in greek olive oil. i know that you like olive oil from sicily. >> a hint of lemon zest and then it is all combine together. >> and, we have here, i cut in half, i like to make it small. >> a spoonful is placed in the center and rolled up, and i got to try it. >> look at this! shall do you see what i have here? i have leaks and lemon and onion. just drizzle with olive oil, and you like it? >> beautiful. greek yogurt. >> she put some more herbs on top and it is ready to enjoy. >> that is an interesting dish.
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they say that while the cat is a way the mice will play, but this cat went gambling. here she is, she accidently hitched a ride to reno last week with her owners, vacationing neighbors. they think that she may have climbed into the trunk as they were acting, security finally caught the dog on camera and took her to animal control where a microchip led to,,
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